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As truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of Yahweh. (Numbers 14:21)

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The Articles of Abraham's Faith.

  1. That God would multiply his descendants as the stars of heaven for multitude, and make them a great and mighty nation;
  2. That at that time his own name would be great;
  3. That out of his posterity should arise One, in whom and in himself all the nations of the earth should be blessed;
  4. That he together with this personage should have actual possession of the land of Canaan for ever;
  5. That they two, with all his adopted seed, should possess the world;
  6. That the seed, or Christ, would be an only begotten and beloved son, even the seed of the woman only, and therefore of God; that he would fall a victim to his enemies; and in his death be accepted as an offering by being raised from the dead, after the example in the case of Isaac;
  7. That after resurrection, or at "a second time," Christ would possess the gate of his enemies in triumph, and obtain the land of Canaan, and the dominion of the world according to the promise; and,
  8. That, at that time, he and his adopted seed, would be made perfect, receive the promises, and "enter into the joy of their Lord."

From Elpis Israel John Thomas - 1851

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