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As truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of Yahweh. (Numbers 14:21)

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Life and Association

In order to thrive as a real, ancient faith, a Christian brother or sister, a person must associate with others who have the same faith - the same hope. In ancient times, as explained in the book called First John, we are told that people in this fellowship were called Spirits and that they were to be tested before entering The Fellowship. This testing is called dokimazete ta pneumata. Those who believe the Ancient Truth knew how to do this testing. The DokiMazetey must involve Knowledge. The only source of this knowledge is the Word of the Deity. We call it The Bible. After this testing, a person who is approved enters into The Fellowship. The fellowship is one very enjoyable, but also involves a number of trials, for it follows in the footsteps of The Christian Master who is the Christ himself. The ancient word for Fellowship is the word koinonia. It means joint participation, and intimate association. Descriptions of this fellowship are given in the ancient writings and say things like its members having all their possessions in common, and dividing up and sharing responsibilities like teaching, working together, helping one another, even suffering together. The theme of the Fellowship follows a progression throughout the Ancient Writings of the Hope. It progresses from joining to walking. Walking in the path of the Master is termed Walking in the Light. If we who follow walk in the light, then we are in the Fellowship of the Father and the Son. Those who do not understand the ancient hope, don't understand how important the Fellowship is. Those who do, understand its seriousness, and how important the initial Trying is.

The Tree

Jesus said that he is the tree and we are the branches. We must grow from him. People who are not born Jews must be Grafted into the branches of Israel. The Master of Faith said " A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Each person in The Fellowship is in the tree, and is in fact, a tree themselves. The Creator of the Tree demands fruit be born by the tree. The creator in fact, wants each of the trees to also have knowledge. The knowledge comes from studying. Also, because of The Fellowship, they also must be branches as part of the bigger tree. Together they all form a living tree like a vine. Disciples of the Ancient Master are branches of the vine in fellowship with each other and the master. The figure of the tree, all part of the wood of life, are a living entity that is spoken of throughout the ancient Scriptures of the Truth.

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