Where do we go when we die?

Death is the end of life. "You are dust and into dust you will return"

The dead don't know anything, can't praise God, can't think

Their breath returns to God, and they cease to live

Like animals, they perish. They return to the ground

The only hope anyone has is physical resurrection their body on the day of judgement. The only way to participate in that is to learn what the Bible says now.

With exception of Jesus Christ, every faithful person who ever lived and died, are all dead in the ground, waiting for Christ to return, to be judged and rewarded with the promises God made to them. But they are now unconcsious of that fact, being dead, and returned to dust.

Hell, or as the Bible says in Hebrew and Greek, Sheol or Hades, is this state, or "place" of the dead. It's not really a place in a geographical sense, but, rather "gone".

A careful study of the Bible shows the above to be true. Popular misconceptions are wrong. There is no place in the Bible saying you might ever go to heaven when you die. There is nowhere that says you will be conscious at all when you die. There is no place in the Bible that says man has an immortal soul. What is taught is that there is an even that God calls "Death" or "mort". It happens because Adam, the first man, sinned, and so death entered the world. God explains death as the curse put onto man because man disobeys God. (Gen 3:19). The first lie told in the world was "You won't really die". (Gen 3:4).


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