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Elpis Israel
by Dr. John Thomas

In about ninety-seven years from this epoch ten kingdoms appeared upon the Western Roman territory answering to the ten toes.

They were not all strong kingdoms.

Part of them were absorbed into a new dominion, which arose after them beyond the limits of the Roman territory.

These strong and broken toe-kingdoms have existed upwards of thirteen centuries.

They are still in being; but not as originally established.

This the prophecy does not require.

All that is necessary, is that there should be ten kingdoms at the time the image is smitten by the stone.

And these kingdoms, I am satisfied, should be on "the earth," and not upon "the sea"; that is to say, they should be found upon the Roman continent, and not upon the islands; and that the enumeration of them belongs to the time of the end, rather than to the period of their foundation.

With this view, then, I enumerate the toe-kingdoms as follows: Belgium; 2.

France; 3.

Spain; 4.

Portugal; 5.

Naples; 6.

Sardinia; 7.

Greece; 8.

Hungary; 9.

Lombardy; 10.


I have not named Britain, although the island was a part of the Roman dominion.

It is, however, no more imperative that she should be included in the ten than Egypt, which is also on the Roman territory.

Existing theories require Britain to be counted in; but I have nothing to do with them; I propose to show a more consistent interpretation that shall harmonize with other important and interesting parts of the prophetic word.

The ten kingdoms enumerated above are all within the Roman limits.

There are many other kingdoms beyond its frontiers, resting upon territory that never belonged to Rome, or the iron dominion; therefore they must not be named in the same category.