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Elpis Israel
by Dr. John Thomas

What more do we want than to be saved in the kingdom of God?

Ask the clergy, "What must you do to be saved?

" They will repeat like parrots, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved"; but ask them, "What does believing on the Lord Jesus for salvation consist in?

" and I hesitate not to say -- indeed, with the preceding pages as my premises, which I firmly believe to be the only scriptural exegesis of the gospel, I am necessitated to say -- they cannot tell.

Then, like the Leonists of old, away with the clergy, the "blind leaders of the blind," "dumb dogs that cannot bark," "who neither enter into the kingdom themselves, and them who would they hinder".

"All scripture given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works".

Here Paul teaches that the scriptures can make a man perfect in all these things; how perverse, then, of mankind to neglect this instrument of perfection, and lean upon such broken reeds.

The Leonists, Paulicians, Albigenses, Waldenses, etc., had more wisdom than this.

They drank from the fountain head of truth; and it was only in later times, when their minds were diverted from this by the dazzling demonstrations of the protesting Romanists, who, under their early leaders, were rebelling against the Pope, and laying the foundation of State religions in Germany, England, etc., that they were ensnared in the toils of mercenaries.

They merged into Protestantism, and thus an extinguisher was placed upon their lamp, which for 1,260 years had illuminated the darkness around.

A writer on prophecy has well remarked, that "there is no nation existing which, first and last, has produced such a number of faithful witnesses against Papal corruptions, and tyrannies, as France.

No people have so long a list of martyrs and confessors to show as the Huguenots of that country; and there is no royal family in Europe which has shed, in the support of Popery, half the blood which the Capets have shed.

Who deluged the earth with the blood of the Waldenses and Albigenses that inhabited the southern parts of France, and bore testimony against the corruptions and usurpations of Rome?

The cruel kings of France slew above a million of them.

Who set on foot, and headed, the executioners of the massacre of Bartholomew in 1572, which lasted seven days, and in which, some say, near 50,000 Huguenots were murdered in Paris, and 25,000 more in the provinces?

The royal monsters of France.

A massacre this, in which neither age nor sex, nor even women with child, were spared; for the butchers had received orders to slaughter all, even babes at the breast, if they belonged to the Huguenots.

The king himself stood at the windows of the palace, endeavouring to shoot those who fled, and crying to their pursuers, 'Kill them, kill them!' For this massacre public rejoicings were made at Rome, and in other Papal countries.

A medal was struck at Rome commemorative of this tragical event.

In the words of the Apocalypse, "They that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented those who dwelt on the earth.

'" This dreadful massacre was 1,260 years from the separation established between State-church Christians, and the remnant of the Woman's seed.

In 312-3, the man child was born of the Woman as the military chieftain destined to cast the pagan dragon out of the Roman heaven.

A great revolution was consummated.