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Elpis Israel
by Dr. John Thomas

Here, we saw our persecutors drawing on a sledge the dead bodies of those who had expired on the rack; there we beheld a false friar tormenting a dying man, who was terrified on the one hand with the fear of hell if he apostatized; and on the other, with the fear of leaving his children without bread, if he should continue in the faith".

"They cast some," says M. Claude, "into large fires, and took them out when they were half roasted; they hanged others with ropes under their armpits, and plunged them several times into wells till they promised to renounce their religion; they tied them like criminals on the rack, and poured wine with a funnel into their mouths till, being intoxicated, they promised to turn Catholics.

Some they slashed and cut with pen-knives; some they took by the nose with red-hot tongs, and led them up and down the rooms till they agreed to turn Catholics.

These cruel proceedings made 800,000 persons quit the kingdom".

Thus, Oct. 18th, 1685, became the epoch of the death of the witnesses.

The war had been long, but the Beast had subdued them at last.

The voice of testimony against Papalism in Church and State was silenced.

The stillness of death pervaded not France only, but Europe likewise; and if I were called upon to point out the darkest period of Bible Christianity from the time of Constantine to the present time, I should point to the interval from the revocation of the Edict of Nantes to the breaking out of the French Revolution in 1789.

During this time the holy city was laid low, and the symbolic witnesses lay dead, though unburied.

Their lamps were extinguished, and "before the God of the earth" there was no light; no Illuminati; none to torment them that dwelt upon the earth with a faithful testimony against tyranny and State religion.

Everything was sunk into cold formality, and the Beasts and their Images were triumphant everywhere.


The Sin-Power in its war against the seed of the woman in the West, symbolized by the Beasts and their Image -- God will surely avenge His saints -- The crimes for which the nations are being judged stated -- The geography of the "Lake of Fire" where the judgment sits -- The saints the executioners of the Little Horn -- They are raised from political death for this purpose -- Events connected with their resurrection -- The three days and a half of their unburied state explained -- Their ascension -- End of 1,260 years -- Of the time of the Beast.

The fourth beast of Daniel's vision, the ten-horned and two-horned beasts, and the image of the sixth head of the ten-horned beast, are so many different symbols, which represent the Sin-power in its European constitution.

The apocalyptic beasts and their image are introduced into the thirteenth chapter of Revelation to represent certain things in relation to the Little Horn, to its Eyes, and to its Mouth, which could not have been set forth in the symbol of the Roman dominion seen by Daniel.

In this prophet the Eyes of the Little Horn are said to be "like the eyes of a man," which gave it "a look more stout than its fellow-horns".

Of the mouth it is said that "it spake very great things," which were "words against the Most High"; and that "because of the voice of these great words," consumption and final destruction came upon the whole beast.

This is the nearest approach the Eyes and Mouth make to that order of men called the Popes.

They are represented as an audacious and blasphemous power, "wearing out the saints of the Most High, and changing times and laws"; and concerning the saints, it is added, "They were given into his hand until a time, times and the dividing of time".

Under a new symbol, some additional information is given respecting the Eyes and Mouth in the exercise of their power, etc. They are inserted into an image, which is said to resemble that head of the ten-horned beast which had been wounded in its power, throne, and jurisdiction over the third part of the Roman world.

This was the sixth, or imperial, head.

Hence, the Eyes and Mouth were part of an imperial Image.

Now, when we look into the testimony, we find that it did not set up itself; but is the puppet of another power represented by a beast with two horns, which answers to the Little Horn itself, minus the Eyes.