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Elpis Israel
by Dr. John Thomas

"With the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked".

This implies a prolongation of existence to certain powers beyond that of the beast and false prophet.

These will be totally destroyed by "the saints"; but "the remnant" are reserved for a future fate at the hand of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Daniel makes the same distinction in the judgment of the fourth beast.

Speaking of it as a whole, he says, "I beheld till the beast was slain, and his body given to the burning flame".

The consuming affects the body; and the destroying, "the remnant" of his political carcase by the sword.

Turkey, and the Austro-Papal dominions, constitute the body and Little Horn of the beast.

These go into perdition first.

They entirely disappear from among "the powers that be"; as completely as a carcase cast into Nebuchadnezzar's furnace.

After their fate is sealed, a power arises to conquer the toe-, or horn-kingdoms, which are not suppressed, but made tributary to the conquering power; and are incorporated as vassal kingdoms into his dominion; and under his banner meet the Lord of hosts in battle in the plains of another Waterloo, called Armageddon, where both he and they are overcome, and lose their crowns for ever.

Speaking of the Little Horn, or Austro-Papal power, the prophet says, "They shall take away his dominion".

Now the context shows that the agents indicated in "they" are the "saints" with whom the horn has contended so long.

In the twenty-second verse he says, "Judgment was given to the saints".

Having received power to judge, what use did they make of it?

This is answered in the twenty-sixth verse -- "to take away his dominion"; and if a further inquiry be made, by what means?

The reply is by consuming and destroying it with fire and sword.

There is a fitness in this.

The Austro-Papacy has been established by fraud and violence; and shored up to the end of its existence by murder.

It has fattened on the blood of the two witnesses in all countries of its dominion; and therefore the rule of the judgment is to "give them blood to drink, for they are worthy".

This is the fate impending over Austria and all thrones which have given their power to execute the will of the Roman prophet.

But to this some may object, How can the saints execute the judgment written, seeing that the beast overcame them and killed them in the reign of Louis XIV?

It is very certain that they cannot, unless they are the subjects of a political resurrection; and this the testimony affirms they should be.

But before they rose from political death, they were to remain politically dead, but unburied, for three symbolic days and a half; after which the spirit of political life from God was to enter into them; and in consequence they were to stand upon their feet, ascend to power, and strike terror into all their enemies who beheld them.