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Elpis Israel
by Dr. John Thomas

Peace being proclaimed, the French army returned to Europe in 1783.

This proved a refreshing breeze to the democracy of that kingdom.

"Philosophers" were hard at work teaching the people to despise the superstition of Rome, and the creatures that fattened upon it.

They miscalled it Christianity; as if the religion of Christ had the remotest affinity to that of "Sodom and Egypt"!

But Romanism was the only view the people had of Christianity; for there had been no testimony borne against it in France for ninety-eight years.

The priests taught them that Romanism was the religion of the Bible, but would not permit them to look into it to see.

Need one be surprised, then that when the democracy arose to judgment it should abolish such a Christianity as that which had destroyed them; treat the Bible with contempt; and even deny the existence of a God, who was supposed to sanction the falsehoods of Romanism, or to approve its hypocritical and licentious priests?

The liberalism of the American auxiliaries manifested itself soon after their return, in the appearance of an American party in French politics.

The influence of this in connection with the scepticism of "the philosophers," became "the breath of (political) life from God".

It entered into the unburied witnesses; and "they stood upon their feet," ready for action.

Thus they drew their first breath in the very city where they had received their death-blow.

A few words may be offered here respecting the time signified by "three days and a half," during which the two witnesses were deprived of political life.

The Apocalypse as a whole is a miniature representation of "the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter"; that is, of things in existence while John was in Patmos, and of the things shortly to happen after he wrote, and until the setting up of the kingdom.

Everything is exhibited on a smaller scale than the reality; and the time of the symbols is in keeping with them.

Thus, multitudes of witnesses are reduced to two; and the years of their prophesying to days.

It would have been a viola- tion of the fitness of things to have made them testify for 1260 years, because this is far beyond the duration of human life, which is the rule of speaking in the case.

So in indicating the time of their unburied state, the real time must be expressed in accordance with the physical laws.

A dead body might lie in the open air for "three days and a half" without disappearing; but not three years and a half, or three months and a half.

Hence, the symbol required the smallest possible period capable of expressing the real time of their political non-existence; and that is "three days and a half".

Now the time that really elapsed between their death, on Oct.

18, 1685 and their resurrection in 1789, was 103 years, 4 months, and 17 days.

This is a period contained in three lunations and a half, on the day for a year principle.

I may remark here, that prophetic time is regulated by the moon, and not by the sun.