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Elpis Israel
by Dr. John Thomas

This is the Greek kingdom.

But there was still another wanting to make up the ten.

This tenth horn was brought to light by the second series, whose beginning was marked by the revolution in Paris in 1830.

The congress of Vienna had constituted the kingdom of the Netherlands, part of which lay in Roman Europe, and part of it, namely, Holland, beyond it.

The sixth vial, however, paid no respect to the political geography of the "holy alliance".

The beast required ten crowned horns to answer the prophetic symbol at the epoch of its destruction; for they are then to be unjewelled that they may become the vassal-horns of the Greco-Roman Dragon.

Hence, when the air of the Roman world was touched, an electric shock passed through all its kingdoms, producing "voices, and thunders, and lightnings" on every side.

A thunderbolt fell upon the Netherlands, striking the throne, and dividing it into two.

The result was the establishment of the kingdom of Belgium as the tenth horn of the beast.

It is unnecessary for me to enumerate the ten horns, for they are the same as the ten toe-kingdoms of Nebuchadnezzar's image which are already named.

The constitution of France was changed; Louis Philippe, the citizen king, being substituted, by a ruse upon the democracy, for the elder branch of the Bourbons imposed upon them by the "holy alliance".

The kingdom of Poland was suppressed, and incorporated as a conquered province with the Russian empire.

In Spain and Portugal their several thrones were disputed by pretenders; and even England, though not included in either of the beasts, or in the dragon of "the time of the end," did not escape the vibrations of the air.

Events on the Continent gave a salutary impulse to the reform movement, and passed "the bill" (1832).

Eighteen years had passed away since the blending of these first and second periods.

Two years before, a new Pope was elected to the Papal throne.

He intended to rule, he said, according to the New Testament!

His professions deceived the simple hearted, and alarmed the despots of the kingdoms.

When Satan undertakes to cast out Satan his kingdom is sure to be convulsed.

The reforms of Pius IX satisfied nobody, and tended only to create a longing after liberty, and a determination to free the country from the rule of priests.

The hopes of the democracy throughout Europe were inflamed; and "the earth" began to tremble until in 1848 every throne was shaken to its foundation.

The events of this wonderful year are too recent to require to be chronicled in this place.

It will be enough to say that the democracy broke loose, and commenced a movement, which, though it has been restrained to prevent it progressing too rapidly, cannot be suppressed until the little horn, or two-horned beast and his prophet, be destroyed to the end, and the dominion of the ten-horned beast be taken away.