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Elpis Israel
by Dr. John Thomas

Still, I said, if I have fallen upon the true principles of interpretation, it is impossible for the Hungarians to triumph.

So certainly incorrect did some regard this view of the matter, that they said, when I returned to London I should have to expunge what I had advanced about Hungary from the manuscript before I published this book.

A preacher who had listened to me at one place, was so convinced of my error, that in his next discourse he predicted the certain triumph of the "brave Hungarians" over all their enemies.

But, alas for him!

Men should never prophesy of the future from present appearances.

Though these were against my exposition, I was persuaded it would turn out in the end as I had said; and I added, furthermore, that "an unclean spirit" was to go forth out of the mouth of the dragon, as well as from the mouths of the beast and of the false prophet; but that while we could discern "the spirits" issuing forth from these, we did not yet perceive one issuing from the Sultan: nevertheless, though then calm and tranquil, we should soon see a warlike disposition manifest itself in his policy growing out of the Hungarian war.

The unclean spirit of the Little Horn had brought the Russians into Hungary, which would only whet their appetites for Turkey, whom they would prepare to devour next.

In two or three weeks after making these statements, which as I have said before, were not whispered in a corner, but spoken before thousands, all Europe was astounded by the news of Georgey's surrender, and the rum of the Magyar cause.

The details are known to every one.

And as I had said, so it came to pass, Turkish sympathy with the Hungarians, and hospitality to the refugees, was made a casus belli by the Autocrat; and on the refusal of the Sultan to violate it, diplomatic relations were broken off between Russia, Austria, and Turkey; and the "unclean spirit" energized by the Frogs, exhibits even the Sultan as a belligerent.

The mission, then, of these three demons for the period which remains of their political existence, is to stir up the nations to war, which will redound to their own confusion.

The Press is prophesying smooth things, and persuading the world of the moderation of the Autocrat, and of the good intentions of Austria and the Pope!

It has told us several times that the extradition affair was composed and that peace between Russia and Turkey will not be interrupted; and as often it unsays what it had before affirmed.

But the reader need place no reliance upon newspaper speculations.

Their scribes know not what God has revealed, consequently their reasonings are vain, and sure to take a wrong direction.

As records of facts the journals are invaluable; but if a person permit his opinions to be formed by the views presented in leading articles, and the letters of "our own correspondents," he will be continually misled, and compelled to eat his own words for evermore.

The Bible is the enlightener.

If men would not be carried about by every wind that blows, let them study this.

It will unfold to them the future, and make them wiser than the world.

The coming years will not be years of peace.

The policy of the Autocrat will be to throw his adversaries off their guard, and take the Sultan by surprise.

He is to "come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he will enter the countries, and overflow and pass over.

And many countries shall be overthrown".