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Elpis Israel
by Dr. John Thomas

"And at the time of vengeance the daily shall be taken away, in order to set up an abomination that maketh desolate a thousand two hundred and ninety days".

This rendering agrees with the facts in the case.

The daily was taken away at the time of vengeance, and 461 years after, an abomination was set up which continued 1,290 years, ending a.d.


Desolation, it is true, still continues, but this is no objection to their termination then.

We are not to suppose that the 1,290 years being ended, internal improvement was to begin the year after.

All it justifies is the expectation that when they expired "that that is determined" should begin to be "poured out upon the desolator"; an expectation that has been literally verified in the opening of the sixth vial upon the Ottoman empire in 1820.

But is the little horn of the goat that destroyed the mighty and holy people, to experience simply a drying up of its power over Palestine and Syria, or what shall be its destiny?

It is to be broken to pieces without hand.

Its present Ottoman dynasty being changed, it is to "destroy wonderfully, and to magnify himself in his heart, and to stand up against the Prince of princes," that he may receive the blow on the head that shall disable him for a thousand years.

This will come to pass at the consumation when the wrath of the sixth vial will be exhausted at the end of the 1,335 years.

Which is 45 years after the 1,290.

This allows 45 years for the whole time of the sixth vial which upon these premises affords 1865 as the date of the horn's destruction.

"The matter" of the vision concerning the taking away of the daily was made known to Daniel in the first year of Darius, b.


Three years after -- that is, in the third of the joint reign of Cyrus and Darius -- "a thing was revealed" to him, "the appointed time" of which "was long".

In connection with this revelation, or prophecy, "a vision" was also presented before him.

It was a representation of the Son of Man in his glory.

After he had recovered from the overpowering effect caused by what he saw, he was informed by one that he came to make him understand what should befall Israel in the latter days.

In carrying out this gracious intention, the revelator added furthermore that he would show him "that which is noted in the scripture of truth"; by which he meant, he would make known to him what yet remained to be communicated explanatory of the vision of the Ram and He-Goat, which he had seen in the third year of Belshazzar.

The Lord then proceeded to reveal the things contained in the eleventh and twelfth chapters of Daniel, which have respect, First, to the pushing of the Ram westward against Greece in the reign of the fourth king after Cyrus; Secondly, to the power of Alexander of Macedon, and the division of his kingdom into four lesser ones, which should be inherited by others mot descended from him.

These matters occupy the first four verses, and constitute a kind of preface to what follows; and serve to establish the connection of "the prophecy" with "the vision of the evening and morning" contained in the eighth chapter.

Thirdly, the revelation relates to the Greco-Egyptian, and to the Assyro-Macedonian, horns of the goat, styled "the king of the south," and "the king of the north".