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Elpis Israel
by Dr. John Thomas

Gogue's will include so much of the territory as to entitle his dominion to be represented by Nebuchadnezzar's Image.

Assyria proper, Persia, Asia Minor, Armenia, and Mesopotamia; Egypt, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Naples, Lombardy, Bavaria, Hungary, and Greece -- countries all included in the catalogue given by Ezekiel in his prophecy of Gogue -- are symbolized by the head, breast, body, thighs, legs, and toes of the Image.

These are at the crisis united together in one dominion, which is broken to pieces as the result of the battle of Armageddon.

Gogue's yoke being broken off the neck of these nations, Assyria and Persia resume their independence; but they do not retain it long, for it is "taken away," yet they continue separate states for 1,000 years, only ruled by the saints, whom the Lord may appoint over them.

The Lion of Tarshish is Alexandrine in its dominion, and will then possess much of the territory represented by the Unicorn Goat and the Leopard -- all, indeed, not included in the Image.

Alexander the Great extended his conquests over Afghanistan, the Punjaub, and into India beyond the Indus.

The Lion of Tarshish has already annexed much of his territory, indeed quite sufficient to confer upon it Unicom and Leopard attributes.

Its supremacy over the Ionian Republic still further approximates it to the Macedonian character: which will become still more conspicuous, when it beholds "the prince of Ros, Mosc, and Tobl" possessed of Constantinople, and contending for the Gogueship of Magogue; it will, then, doubtless, make extensive seizures of the Isles of Greece, to strengthen itself in the Mediterranean, and to antagonize, as much as possible, the power of the Autocrat in that direction.

Thus, then, answering to the Leopard of the latter days, the Lion of Tarshish survives the destruction of the Image.

But subsequent events will affect it in common with the Lion and the Bear; for though it may, in alliance with Assyria and Persia, hold out for a time against the Stone of Israel, its "dominion will be taken away"; for the kingdom he is to establish will "break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms"; yet Assyria, Persia, and Britain will continue to exist as people for "a season and a time," being subject and obedient to the King of Israel, in the light of whose government they will walk with joy, and lay their wealth and honour at his glorious feet.


The restoration of Israel indispensable to the setting up of the kingdom of God -- Israel to be grafted into their own olive on a principle of faith -- Not by Gentile agency, but by Jesus Christ, will God graft them in again -- Britain, the protector of the Jews, as indicated by Isaiah xviii -- The British power in the south, the Moab, etc., of "the latter days" -- The second exodus of Israel -- The nations of the Image to be subdued by Israel to the dominion of their king -- The New Covenant delivered to Judah, and the kingdom of God set up in Judea -- The returning of the Ten Tribes to Canaan will occupy forty years -- Elijah's mission -- Israel re-assembled in Egypt -- They cross the Nile, and pass through the Red sea, on foot -- They march into Canaan, receive the New Covenant, and, re-united to Judah, form one nation and kingdom under Christ for 1,000 years -- The blessedness of the nations, and their loyalty to Israel's king -- Of the end of the thousand years.

In the previous chapters the reader has been conducted to the crisis that awaits the world at the conclusion of the time of the end.

The two great powers of the day -- namely, Gogue, the lord of the earth, and the Lion of Tarshish, the king of the sea, have been brought up in battle array in the region of the Dead Sea.

This state of things will have been created by the angel of the sixth vial, whose province it is to gather the kings of the earth and of the whole habitable, with their armies, into the land of Israel, which is "the great winepress of the wrath of God" for a space of 200 miles.

This will be brought about upon the same principles as the fulfilment of all other prophecies in ages past -- namely, through the policy of "the powers that be," controlled by God.

The insurrection of "the earth" in 1848 created a situation, in which the Roman question, the German question, and the Turco-Hungarian question, have become the elements of an inevitable war throughout Europe, which will terminate in the final destruction of the Austrian Empire and the Papacy, and the subjection of the Porte and the toe-kingdoms to the Autocrat.

But without some other element to complicate affairs, things might settle down into a mere substitution of one gigantic despotism for the many lesser ones that now exist.

It is necessary, therefore, that some other ingredient be introduced into the mess, in order that the course of events may be directed into an eastern channel, by which the crisis may be transferred from Europe to the Holy Land.

This political element is found in the commercial interests of Britain in India; in the importance of Syria, Palestine, and Egypt being in the possession of a friendly people to the preservation of those interests; and in the policy of colonizing Palestine with Jews, and so attaching them to the interests of the country by which they are protected.

Thus the ascendancy of the Autocrat in Constantinople and the West, by the jeopardy in which it puts the commerce and dominion of the Lion-power, excites the British Government to the adoption of a policy which, in its application to emergencies as they arise, elaborates the restoration of the Jews, and the resuscitation of the East.

The restoration of Israel is a most important feature in the divine economy.

It is indispensable to the setting up of the Kingdom of God; for they are the kingdom, having been constituted such by the covenant of Sinai, as it is written, "Ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation".