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Elpis Israel
by Dr. John Thomas

For nearly 6,000 years has this enmity made the earth a field of blood, and yet the war is not ended.

The sin-power still lords it over the world, and is marshalling its forces for a last decisive blow.

The "powers that be" have laid low the saints of God in all the countries of their dominion; they have bruised them in the heel; and are now taking up their positions, and preparing themselves to arbitrate their relative and future destiny by the sword.

They have forgotten, or are indifferent to, the enormities of the past.

They know not that the righteous blood they have shed upon the earth cries loudly for vengeance in the ears of God.

Truth, justice, and equity their souls hate; and all that they propose is to destroy the liberty and happiness of mankind; and to make eternal their own vicious and hateful rule.

But God is as just as He is full of goodness, mercy, and truth.

"The death of his saints is precious in the sight of the Lord": and He will not permit them to go unavenged.

The "powers that be" can, therefore, no more perpetually exist than convicted robbers and murderers can escape the punishment due to their crimes.

The law of retribution to which God has assigned the adjudication of their punishment says, "Give them blood to drink, for they are deserving; because they have shed the blood of saints and prophets"; "Reward them even as they have rewarded you, and double unto them double according to their works.

in the cup which they have filled, fill to them double".

But, though the scriptures of truth are so explicit with respect to the blasphemous and felonious character of the governments of the world.

though they denounce the judgments of war, pestilence, and famine upon the nations subject to them.

though they declare that the wicked are the Lord's sword to execute his judgments upon one another; though they most emphatically and solemnly aver that God says "there shall be no peace to the wicked"; and though men see, and profess to deplore, the whoredoms and witch-crafts of the Roman Jezebel, and the enormities of the cruel tyrants who pour out her victims' blood like water to uphold her: notwithstanding all this, there are multitudes of people who pretend to take the Bible as the rule of their faith.

who claim to be "pious," and class themselves among the saints of the Lord: I say, men of these pretensions, headed by political and spiritual guides, are clamouring for the abolition of war, and the settlement of all inter-national differences by arbitration!

Such persons may be very benevolent, or very covetous; but they are certainly not very wise.

Their outcry about "peace" evinces their ignorance of the nature of "sinful flesh," and of the testimony of God; or, if cognizant of them, their infidelity, and shallowness of mind.

Before peace can be established in the world, "the enmity" which God has put between good and evil, in word and deed, must be abolished.

Peace is to be deprecated as a calamity by the faithful, so long as the Roman Jezebel and her paramours are found among the living.

"What peace, so long as her whoredoms and witchcrafts are so many?

" Will they destroy the divisions among powers and people, which God's truth is ever calculated to make where it is received in whole or part?

Arbitration indeed!

And who are to be the arbitrators?