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Elpis Israel
by Dr. John Thomas

The popes, cardinals, priests, emperors, and kings of the nations?

Can justice, integrity, and good faith, proceed from such reprobates?

Do the Quakers, and financial, or acquisitive, reformers imagine that a righteous arbitration could emanate from them upon any question in which the interests of nations as opposed to theirs were concerned?

Really, the conceit of pious infidelity is egregiously presumptuous.

If this peace mania be a specimen of "the light within," alas!

how great is the darkness of that place which professes to be enlightened by it.

But the most absurd thing imaginable is that the arbitrationists profess to advocate peace upon scriptural grounds!

Because one of the titles of the Lord is "the Prince of Peace," they argue that war is displeasing to God.

and that Jesus came to establish peace as the result of preaching.

But war is not displeasing to God any more than a rod is displeasing to him that uses it for correction.

God instituted war when he put enmity between the serpent and the woman.

It is a divine institution for the punishment of the transgressors of His law; and a most beneficent one too: for all the little liberty the world enjoys is attributable to the controversy of the tongue, the pen, and the sword.

What would have been the fate of the thirteen trans-Atlantic Colonies, if they had been left to the arbitrative justice of George the Third's contemporaries?

The heel of spiritual tyranny backed by the civil power, would have trampled upon them to this moment.

The weak who contend for liberty and truth, have everything to dread from arbitration.

With sword in hand, they may extort justice from the strong but, if under the necessity of expecting it at the conscience and tender mercies of "the powers that be," the award will be a mockery of justice, and an insult to the sufferings of the oppressed.

Yes, verily, the Lord Jesus is "the Prince of Peace"; and therefore, no peace society can give peace to the world.

It is he alone who can establish "peace on earth and good will among men"; for he only is morally fit and potentially competent to do it.

The peace of the arbitrationists is peace based upon the transgression of the divine law; and the hostility of the covenanters to the gospel of the kingdom.

It is an impure peace.

peace with the serpent power reigning over the blood-stained earth.

Such a peace as this avaunt!

Eternal war is better for the world than such a compromise with sin.