Hymn H100

Exalt, O God, Thy glorious Son;
Throughout the world His will be done;
Set up on earth His promised throne,
And make all hearts and hands His own.

Soft as the dews from heaven descend,
He comes, He comes, the sinner's Friend,
The fallen to raise, the meek to bless;
And reign over all in righteousness.

As bright and lasting as the sun,
From sea to sea His sway shall run;
Kings to His footstool shall repair,
And nations find their refuge there.

Prayer to His throne shall daily rise,
His praises ring through earth and skies;
His grace on all that live be pored,
And all shall live to serve the Lord.

Thrice welcome to the King of Kings,
Who comes with healing in His wings;
From age to age, from shore to shore,
His name be praised for evermore.