Hymn H104

Hark! ten thousand, thousand voice
Sing the song of jubilee;
Earth through all her tribes rejoices,
Broke her long captivity.

Now the theme in pealing thunders,
Through the gladsome air is rung,
Now, in gentler tones , the wonders,
Of redeeming grace are sung

Hail, Emmanuel, great Deliverer,
Hail, Emmanuel, praise to Thee.
Oh! the rapturous, blissful story,
Spoken to Emmanuel's praise;

And the strains so full of glory,
That immortal voices raise;
While our crowns of glory casting
At His feet, in rapture lost,

We, in anthems everlasting,
Mingle with the ransomed host.
Hail, Emmanuel, great Deliverer,
Thou art worthy of all praise.

Yea, He reigns, the Great Messiah
In Millennial gory crowned;
Israel's Hope, and Earth's Desire,
Now triumphant and renowned;

Heaven and earth, with all their legions
Crown Emmanuel Lord of all.
Hail Messiah! reign for ever,
Heaven to earth reflects the sound.