Hymn H75

A great High Priest is come,
Who stands in Aaron's place,
Who, honouring the law,
Established life and grace:
The law thru Moses' service came,
But grace and truth by Jesus' name.

He once temptation knew,
That He might truly find
A fellowfeeling true,
With every tempted mind:
In every point our Head was tried
Like us, and then for us He died.

He died, but lives alway.
And in the holy stands
To plead for saints who pray,
To hold up failing hands:
Our advocate abides in heaven,
That erring saints may be forgiven.

We other priests deny,
And laws, and offerings too;
None but the Priest on high
The mighty work can do:
To Him, then, all our praise be given,
Who pleads His household's cause in heaven.